Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
Thomas Cole
Title: The Expansionist (The Traveled Man)
Date Created: 1899/1899
Dimensions: 42 x 68 inches
Type: Paintings
Medium: oil on canvas
Location: High Museum of Art
The masterpiece of Francis Davis Millet’s mature career, The Expansionist was exhibited and held in high regard at the most important art exhibitions of its time, including the annual exhibition of the Royal Academy in 1899, the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris, and the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. The painting was also featured in the 1912 memorial exhibition that followed Millet’s tragic death on the RMS Titanic. Exceptionally rich in meaning and historical significance, this painting exemplifies the qualities for which Millet was revered in his lifetime, particularly his ability to poetically depict the curiosity and amusements of life.
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